LM4755 amplifier

I built this amplifier for my iPod,  amp circuit based on LM4755 chip, stereo audio amp capable of delivering 11watt per channel of continues average power output to a 4Ω using a supply of 24V at 10% THD. It is designed for single supply operation.



  1. Wide supply range 9V-40V
  2. Drives 4Ω and 8Ω loads
  3. Integrated Mute Function
  4. Minimal External Components Needed
  5. Single Supply Operation
  6. Internal Current Limiting and Thermal Protection


Construction- DIY LM4755 amp

This amp, primarly used on my desk. So it needs to look good, for the enclosure  i used old dead CD-ROM case.


for  tone control and preamplifier I used OPA2134 (dual opamp) chip.

preamp is 1.5dB gain that works with single power supply. and the tone control to boost or reduce the particular audio frequencies,  simple RC filter circuit + preset/VR to control the Signal level of particular freq.



Pictures of my construction:











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