Opa2134 Low noise audio power amplifier.

After a long I have Decided to make audio power amp with opa2134 not a bad chip. for my visaton audio exciter.

For the Voltage amplification stage I have used bd139 and bd140 complementary transistors and for the output stage I have used 2 of tip3055 connected in quasi-complementary. I have tested the circuit and calculated the THD and it is pretty good.

Test frequency 1KHz, power output of the amp is 8 watts , 4.7 ohms connected and 0.556% THD here is the pic of my amp which is under testing.

Opa2134 Amp under testing.
Closed view

I have made this amplifier particularly for the audio exciter which i have recently bought from rs components.

Visaton (not bad though)

But you miss the low frequency though, but coming to mids and highs they sounds really good. I am not disappointed using this for my daily listening.

It is fixed to the cardboard.

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